Spring / Summer 22

"Summer Rags"

For this project we decided to push the idea of creating new pieces from available fabrics, without producing new rolls. Up-cycling is an important part of our DNA, so we took it a step further and repurposed some of our existing fabrics.

We used fabric samples and old rags to make embroideries, garment dyed our cotton to make new shorts, reused cotton canvas from our winter collection to make long lasting shopping bags, and sourced high-end Japanese cotton directly from the existing stock of our supplier to make a shirt.

As you know we always pay the upmost attention to details. We stay true to our key design features, by reworking some garments post-production and adding new details making some pieces truly unique.

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Autumn / Winter 2021

"For All Seasons"

For this project we chose to focus on layering. We always try to think ahead and create garments that can be enjoyed throughout all seasons. Each piece can be easily matched together and layered, or mixed separately with other pieces from your wardrobe.

This collection also reflects the hard work and craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes.

Our garments are made from scratch, and each detail is carefully selected; from the weight of the fabric and colours to the type of stitching and thread. Many details in this collection are handmade / reworked and applied to the finished garment which makes each product unique.

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Autumn / Winter 21 - "For All Seasons"

Distressed Wool Flannel Shirt - WISE RAGS
On sale
Worker Trousers - WISE RAGS
On sale

Worker Trousers

€120 €150
Vintage Wash Crewneck - WISE RAGS
On sale

All Seasons Top

€72 €90
Painter Splatter Tee - WISE RAGS
On sale

Workshop Tee

€40 €50

Spring/Summer 21

"No Ordinary Moments"

The past year has been a tough one, and has forced most people to make changes in life.

Once you accept change, you start to see what really matters. You begin to cherish the simple things like family, friends, nature, or simply a breath of fresh air.

The quality of each moment doesn’t depend on what we get from it, but what we bring to it.

There are no ordinary moments, there is always something going on, no matter how mundane or routine it may seem.

Keep your loved ones close and be happy !

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Spring/Summer 21 - "No Ordinary Moments"

Autumn/Winter 20 - "Open for Dreams"

90's Coach Jacket - WISE RAGS
On sale

Coach Jacket

€161 €230
Technical Jacket - WISE RAGS
Sold out

Technical Jacket

€175 €250
Cotton Ripstop Overshirt - WISE RAGS
On sale
Front Pocket Trousers - WISE RAGS
On sale

Front Pocket Trousers

€91 €130
Lounge Zip Up Hoodie - WISE RAGS
Sold out
Lounge Pants - WISE RAGS
Sold out

Lounge Pants

Classic Logo Tee - WISE RAGS
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Inside Out Pocket Tee - WISE RAGS
On sale